Why Choose Oakfield

Who We Are

The staff at Oakfield Cabinets have been “creating your cabinets” since the early 1990′s.

Over that time we have evolved into the premier cabinet manufacturer for niche markets in Ireland and the UK.

So, if you are tired of designing your project around the standard specifications offered by our competition, then Oakfield is most definitely the place to come to.

What We Do

  • We do NOT sell to YOUR customers, we only sell to the trade.
  • We remove the variable costs involved in the manufacture such as material wastage, spiralling labour costs and machine depreciation.
  • We fix your gross profit, allowing you to concentrate on the design element of your project.
  • We manufacture each job to the individual customer specification
  • We offer a two week lead time from receipt of order.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, we will guarantee the highest level of personal service and support at all times.